Monday, October 31, 2011

Aqua Nerd!

So my wonderful wife schemed and schemed over the past month deciding what we were going to be for Halloween(I knew better than to think I had much of a choice). The reason for her much scheming though is the fact that she was trying to determine which costume she could force me into that I might actually enjoy! She poured hours of her blood sweat and tears into this project, in fact, I am pretty sure that not only did she hand paint our costumes but she sheared the sheep and wove the fabric!!(No promises on the last two) This what what she came up with:

(This one shows the Shirts quite a bit better)

What do you mean you don't know what this is just by seeing the logo on the front?? This wonderful idea was formulated based off of non-other than the oh so infamous


(The Back of the Shirt)
(Have I told you I LOVE this woman?)

So despite the rather large amount of hesitancy surrounding the idea of getting into a costume of any form... Need less to say, she won me over ;-)

Besides, Now I can dress up like an Aquabat AND be a nerd.... aT ThE SAmE TimE!!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Cricket Cricket

Is this it?

How about this?

Not even close

Hmmmmm, ThIs OnE??


Yep, thats what I am talking about. Those wonderfully like crunch sna....err bugs named crickets! You see, in my house crickets are fugitives. OUTLAWS. Continually on the run and never doing the right thing. Yep, you are correct, they are JUST like kid in elementary school who accidentally call the teacher fat at the beginning of the year. Yep, there is no hope for them.... It is as though every choice they make is one that brings them closer to death. Who is this harbinger of death you might ask? This destroying angel who passeth not the crickets by?

None other that my Darling Wife ;-)

Oh she may look innocent. Standing there with her sprouting Onion..... But I know better. She is secretly a Ninja of death raining sandals of destruction down upon ill begotten trespassers. I have tried many a time (unsuccessfully I might add) to encourage the innocent bystanders to flee for their lives but to no avail. In my house, trespassing by this kind is punishable only by death, and None can escape her omniscient gaze.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Honestly, Homework is ridiculous. I think that some classes intend for you to have so much homework the options are sacrifice a small piece of your soul, or jump off the nearest tall object.

So I know that homework is important in order to master the concepts required in order to pass the class in order to become a more well rounded citizen in order to help 'Blah Blah Blah'. I get it. The thing is though, Homework is none the less currently the bane of my existence. Some times I feel like all I do is Eat, Work, Homework, (and spend time Tamzon).....Oh, and sleep somewhere in between. I know I don't really have it that bad, there are those that have it a whole lot worse than myself... thats for sure. But none the less, still a busy, albeit interesting, section of life.

The sad part really is that although I think life is busy now, I know if it be getting a WHOLE lot busier in the coming semester. For those you you who don't know, I have briefly taken leave of my sanity and will be obtaining 35 Credits this fall semester, all while still working 3 days a week. Ok Ok.... So some it will be cheating (11 credits by examination and 3 by work credit!) but that still leaves me going to school Monday, Wednesday during the day as well as Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Night. Between that and working Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. My home work time will be limited to Wednesday Night, Friday Night and Saturday. *Sigh* I am afraid that some habits will be falling by the wayside (I'm sorry Naruto!!).

On the Flip side, I know I'm not alone. Many many many peoples(including some reading this blog) are just as, or more, busy than I am! Why do we do it though? Why do we subject our selves to this torture?? This is a question that I often ask myself. I have come to the conclusion that, religious convictions aside, I want to accomplish things! I don't want to waste my life away "taking it easy". If it can be done, why not do it?!?

Besides, I want to feel like this when its all said and done ;-)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Land Before Time... Part XVIIII

May 4, 1961, 1:20pm. Do you know what happened on that specific day, at that specific time? The Objects were created! I'm Just kidding but seriously, if you can honestly say that you caught that reference before checking that link, I'll give you a dollar. Pinky Promise. 

For those of you who Do Not know what The Lost Room is all about(Which is everyone west of the Rio Grande and south of Calgary), let me give you "JT's The Lost Room in 5 minutes or less!"

So the show starts out with a single father who also happens to be a detective, who also happens to be put on this particular case, who ALSO happens to be in a court battle with this ex-wife who walked out on him 3 years earlier and now wants the kid. Whew! And that pretty much concludes the Drama,(Now onto the science fiction awesomeness!)
The show starts with him being given The Key. The Key, like many other objects from "The Room", all have unique abilities. There is a comb that stops time, scissors' that Rotate things, a pen that electrocutes, a watch that hard bowels eggs.... the list goes on and on. Needless to say, they vary widely in their uses and practicality. The key though is "The Key"(Pun intended) to the whole show! The key allows you to open any door and when you open that door it creates a portal through said door to a hotel room that has been removed from time and space. The key is the only way in and out of the hotel room. Once in the room, one can reopen the door to any door that one envision. You can step into the hotel through a door in Cleavland and step out of the hotel through a door in Saint Petersburg. The crux of the whole show though, lies in what happens when one goes into the room and they DON'T have the key. During the beginning of the show, the door is opened and this main characters Daughter is thrust into the room and the door accidentally closes behind her. Every time that the door is closed without the person with the key being inside, The Room resets, completely. Anything that is in the room, that was not originally there, disappears forever! Or so we think ;-)  Such is the premise behind the whole show. As is to be expected after many adventures and Much Hubub, the Daughter is reclaimed, the villain destroyed, and many many loose ends are created never to be tied...... Ever.

This exact story is what my wife and I found ourselves consumed by last evening as we lay draped over the couch eating pizza and crunching on granola bars. When this whole episode had concluded and the world we had found ourselves forced itself into a very unsatisfactory end.... I thought to myself "Ahhhhh, that was good! Nothing like rediscovering a long lost treasure."  :-)

Really though, I LOVE it! Last week I read a novel for the first time... in a Looooong time. And it was fabulous! I remembered everything that I enjoyed about being able to curl up and lose myself in a good book. There is nothing quite like stepping into someone else's world for a little while to help you appreciate all the things that you love about the one You reside in. After having enjoyed that Mini Series and that Book so much, I have committed myself to rediscovering long lost loves of mine. I think it will be good for my state of mind... but heck, what do I know? I'm Just Another Nerd.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I know, I know....

So I suspect right about now you are saying to yourself, "Self, Why in the world is this individual writing a blog? WHY? I mean, for heaven sakes, this person is not creative, this person is not interesting, this person clearly is a few cards short of a deck and to top it all of this person has a penis!" I know, I said the same things. I thought to myself "Am I ALLOWED to write a blog?" I mean, I knew I would enjoy it. I knew that it would be a great way to verbalize the current status of my life and if no one else, at least Tamzon would read it..... Right? I think.... But anyways, I digress. Even if all these things are true, am I even Allowed to write a blog? I mean, seriously I cannot think of another male, NOT ONE! Who has a blog. So wouldn't that make the very act of starting a blog the utter height of UN-Manliness? With this persistent set of diatribes running through my head I came to the conclusion that... Who Cares?? I'm going to write one anyways! I enjoy reading others so much that there is no reason that I can't write my own. At least now I can satiate my wife's desire for more pictures by having a reason to agree to the many ridiculous poses and portraits that she believes we should be subjecting ourselves too. I mean, it's not like I can lose my Man Card again, I'm already Married.